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Playing a bit as usual with my photos. I like to do Vogue cover because I can often take some fashion inspiring images that I think fits in the environment. This is another picture from this Sunday!

Vouge Färdig




Yesterday I photographed at a castle by the sea Tjolöholm Castle. I’ve been there many times, but never in the fall so it was a surprise to see the transformation and it was just as beautiful as in summer. I love the addition autumn immensely. Such a beautiful day it was, and I got to experience a beautiful sunset too!



Where is the summer?

Where is the summer this year? Yes, we usually well not have as much summer in this country, but atleast a few days or a week? Think it will, but it is written on that July would be the same as in June has been. Have seen that they have no idea about the weather almost hour by hour longer? For my part, it is entitled okay because I never suns and feeling not so good if it is too hot. But a little warmer it may well be before the autumn so I can get sick of summer and welcome the wonderful autumn that I love!