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Back again…


Hello all followers !
Now I’m back again after a long and tough period in my life.
Have been home since Christmas when I got home after a bowel operation.
They removed 80 cm of my small intestine, but it was the best they have done since then, I have slowly but surely started to feel better. Has been and still pretty tired and sore back , I really …. Shall begin tomorrow at physical therapy. This is what happens when you get in bed too long.
I missed the creation , but not managed to think about it so much. When I was most ill I did not think it was important at all … Of course I want to continue with art and photos, but maybe it will not be priority No. 1.
Have not photographed anything since last summer, as soon as it shall be fun to get to enjoy the beautiful season coming to meet us . In the month of May I’m going to Greece for 1 week and then it will be probably some pictures taken and I’m looking forward to!
I hope you are all doing well and that you will get a lovely spring and summer and it will be a creative period !


This is a picture I took last summer. Have nothing new at the moment , but it will eventually!




Author: fotoartpassion

Jag är en kreativ tjej som älskar att fotografera, måla, redigera bilder i Photoshop, m.m. Jag fotograferar så ofta jag kan och får ideér hela dagarna var jag än befinner mig...Jag inspireras mycket av sagans värld, Historia, poesi, Modet genom tiderna, naturen, människor på gatan, konstnärer och ja i stort sett vad som helst... I´m a dreamer, but I´m not the only one... My blogs: www.evavester.wordpress.com www.evavestersmodeblogg.wordpress.com.

23 thoughts on “Back again…

  1. Eva, it’s really nice to see a post from you! I’m glad to hear your are recovering, even if it is slowly. What an ordeal you have been through.

    The photograph is beautiful – I love how painterly the underwater part is.

    Big hugs and best wishes sent your way. xx

    • Tank you very Much for your nice Words… I feel better and I’m happy to be hear again and I’m very happy to ser your wonderful work. I really love your style that i found very special Karen! Thank you again! 😉

  2. Oh, I’m so happy to see you back, Eva, and recovering! Well, health is priority 1 or should be but we tend to forget, so look after yourself and the rest shall follow. Also glad to hear you will be visiting Greece [where?]. May is the perfect month here. My best wishes and …be well! 🙂

  3. Gått att du är på G igen:)

  4. I’m so happy you’re back and feeling better. 🙂

  5. Tack för att du gillar min blogg! Verkar som en trevlig dam du. Tror jag ska till och följa din! Krya på dig/hoppas att du återhämtar dig snart!

  6. Skönt att du är tillbaka igen. 🙂

    • Tack snälla Antonia…det är verkligen kul att vara tillbaka i livet och få en andra chans och kanske ännu mer sätta värde på vad man har! 😀

      • Jag tror att det sätter en ny perspektiv för allt. Saker som var stora blir små bagateller och små bagateller kanske blir mer betydelsefulla.
        Man kanske njuter mer av sånt man inte alls uppskattade förr eller man bara gick förbi.
        Ser framemot dina fantasifulla bilder. 🙂

      • Ja, helt klart så ser man ju på saker på ett annat sätt fastän man visste det innan…däremot känner jag igen mig att man blir aldrig bättre fastän man tänker det när man ligger i sjuksängen…..fast jag skall försöka att bli lite bättre med vissa saker! 🙂

  7. Welcome back Eva! Springtime is a beautiful time…Like a renaissance of the mother Earth…As well as yours…

  8. Thrilled that you are back and every more pleased that you are feeling better! Love the photo:) Looking forward to many many more wonderful fotoartpassion posts!

  9. Hi Eva, so sorry I haven’t responded to your blog postings – I don’t recall them in my Reader. So I have un-followed and have followed again hopefully this re-starts the Reader to include your posts. Such a tough time for you, very sorry to read – but am over joyed that you are able to take the time to let us know how you are doing. Your photograph reads like a painting, simply gorgeous, that’s what I miss your beautiful eye for excellence. I hope that you therapy begins to help you gather strength and that you let the Spring and Summer months warm temperature and beautiful scenes help you recover your endurance. Wonderful to see you again!

  10. Otroligt vackert!
    Är det ok om jag sprider din blogg?

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