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Converts from Swedish to English


I have a few times been asked by some that it is a pity that I write in Swedish in my blog ….. so I thought maybe I should start writing my posts in English instead?

I do not Always know if my english is so perfect and that can also be a good reason to practice a little bit when you rarely speak English nowadays …

I read of course part and follow other blogs in English. At first I thought that I could write in Swedish and then also have an English translation? Have seen any blogs that have it so, but it might not be as necessary ……. as almost all Swedes actually speak English quite well …..

But, you Swedes who follow my blog feel free to comment in Swedish of course!


Walked past a flower shop one day and saw this sign and thought of what fine words it was …. Love is the only weapon representation for everything and could eradicate the entire world all wars, conflicts, racism, …. yes, all kind problem at all and you also do not have the ego thinking … I’m the best, I know best, I’ve always right etc … but, I also know that this is not easy for us humans to achieve….

But, I love these words because  “Love is all we  need”

We may not be able to love everyone, but we can all respectable all people !!!

Author: fotoartpassion

Jag är en kreativ tjej som älskar att fotografera, måla, redigera bilder i Photoshop, m.m. Jag fotograferar så ofta jag kan och får ideér hela dagarna var jag än befinner mig...Jag inspireras mycket av sagans värld, Historia, poesi, Modet genom tiderna, naturen, människor på gatan, konstnärer och ja i stort sett vad som helst... I´m a dreamer, but I´m not the only one... My blogs: www.evavester.wordpress.com www.evavestersmodeblogg.wordpress.com.

4 thoughts on “Converts from Swedish to English

  1. It’s nice to understand what you write along with your photos, but you are Swedish, so it’s normal that you write in your language. 🙂 I will follow your blog regardless.

  2. Cool! Happy about that. Although feel no pressure to stick with it, like LaVagabonde, I will follow anyway.

  3. You should reach more persons if you write in English, so I think it’s a good idea! 😀

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