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Bud Barbro Andersson

Was honored to photograph the artist Bud Barbro Andersson Thursday. It was a lovely day but a bit too much sun, but it had to go ….. Barbro is an original and a colorful nice person. When I met her, I saw immediately that she could be fun to shoot and maybe some of Frida Kahlo’s style because she reminded me of Frida in the older version. But, while I photographed her, I also saw that she had traits of wonderful Tascha Tudor which I like very much too, but of course is just Barbro Barbro and no one else … An artist’s soul painting and dance Flamenco

DSC_0817 (kopia)3




garden sign


Beautyful life…


Painting by Barbro


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Skriet on Photowalk in Gothenburg…

On Saturday it was time for a new photo walk and it was so long ago it was with so now I felt that it was time again. That I think is a little dicey is that all the photographers shooting each other all the time and I do not like to be in the picture so this time I decided, and a photo friend to mask us in any way. There was this mask and it was great fun although I can say that it was not practical to shoot in? So I don´t taked so much photon, but oh what fun we had and have never seen so many people that lit up with a smile on the town so it was worth it, but I can not wait to the next photo walk! Here is my fotovän Michael how we looked …. The picture I think is funny for it reminds me of Scream 2015

skriet2 signökölölklö


Back again….

Oh how time flies … so long since I was here, but sometimes there is not time, and sometimes there is no desire. But, I miss all my blog. Has been a dull period when I for about month ago was robbed of my camera?

I was so heartbroken and sorry for what is after all one of the funniest things I know. I have at least bought a new camera so I feel happy again get to meet the spring and summer and the good fortune to be creative! Here are today’s spring photo, but I got some help by pressing the button on the camera of a friend, but I showed how I wanted it!

spring 2 beskärd


Little girl and her friend..


Today I got the urge to do a picture with stocks from deviantart. It was so long ago and really I dont  like this then the images are not your own? Otherwise, this is incredibly fun to put together a picture with lots of other pictures. This was not so complicated picture as it only made of three different stocks fixed very nice. I was going to order bandpass like these images on your own, but this is a matter to shoot a lot and backgrounds might not be so easy if you want some variety? This pocket anyways name “Little girl and her friend”
Stocks from Deviantart : devBackground :devmoonglwlilly:
Squirrel :devEnchantedgal_Stock:
Girl: anastasiya_landa-d7r6a3m


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