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Where is the summer?

Where is the summer this year? Yes, we usually well not have as much summer in this country, but atleast a few days or a week? Think it will, but it is written on that July would be the same as in June has been. Have seen that they have no idea about the weather almost hour by hour longer? For my part, it is entitled okay because I never suns and feeling not so good if it is too hot. But a little warmer it may well be before the autumn so I can get sick of summer and welcome the wonderful autumn that I love!




Bud Barbro Andersson

Was honored to photograph the artist Bud Barbro Andersson Thursday. It was a lovely day but a bit too much sun, but it had to go ….. Barbro is an original and a colorful nice person. When I met her, I saw immediately that she could be fun to shoot and maybe some of Frida Kahlo’s style because she reminded me of Frida in the older version. But, while I photographed her, I also saw that she had traits of wonderful Tascha Tudor which I like very much too, but of course is just Barbro Barbro and no one else … An artist’s soul painting and dance Flamenco

DSC_0817 (kopia)3




garden sign


Beautyful life…


Painting by Barbro


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Skriet on Photowalk in Gothenburg…

On Saturday it was time for a new photo walk and it was so long ago it was with so now I felt that it was time again. That I think is a little dicey is that all the photographers shooting each other all the time and I do not like to be in the picture so this time I decided, and a photo friend to mask us in any way. There was this mask and it was great fun although I can say that it was not practical to shoot in? So I don´t taked so much photon, but oh what fun we had and have never seen so many people that lit up with a smile on the town so it was worth it, but I can not wait to the next photo walk! Here is my fotovän Michael how we looked …. The picture I think is funny for it reminds me of Scream 2015

skriet2 signökölölklö


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