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The rosegarden in Malevik

Yesterday I visited a rose garden here in Gothenburg. There is a guy who loves roses and has grown roses for many years. I met him many years ago on Facebook, where he has a rose-page / group. I’m in the group because roses is something I like very much. He also has a gorgeous blog about his roses and Håkan thats his name but I call him the king of roses. He is very good at shooting as it is magically beautiful pictures … Here are some pictures that I took in his garden yesterday. If you love roses take even a look at his blog http://www.maleviksrosentradgard.blogspot.se/

rosor på fat

Håkan Rosenkungen

Håkan The King of roses…

fiol sign


10550993_10152577050625789_7506494767196024956_n[1] (kopia)

This last one was taken by Håkan on me… :-)





Hay bayles…

Sure, they can be a bit cheeky hay bales? Wrapped so here they are a little like large marshmallows? … Wanted to do something fun photo wise, but it felt stressful that day and I was tired. Wanted to focus primarily on taking princess and horse photos, which I did. But here is a couple of pictures for fun!


fashion sign


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