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The fifth day of the challenge on Facebook…

This Picture was taken 2011 and I remember it like it was yesterday…. My model is Dilek Maloud a wonderful friend. I got to know her exactly that year I think? We had a fantastic day and I would take pictures of her in my Sari which is a piece of cloth of about 7 meters. None of us had an idea how to put on his garment? There were many laughs and we watched movies on Youtube to solve our problem. In the end, we managed and began photographing and had great fun. When I was looking for a photo to post here today, I realized that it was far too long since I & Dilek met so I sent a message on the phone and hope that soon will se my friend again… :-)

Indian princess


Third day of the challenge on facebook

This photo was taken during an awesome day 2 years ago at Tjolöholm castle outside Gothenburg in Sweden. I had a fantastic day with my model Sanna Haraldsson When she stood here on the rocks and sometimes looked out over the ocean, I got the feeling that she was waiting to see his great love come sailing home from the sea. Think it’s a romantic feeling in the Picture…………………………….

romantisk sign


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