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Times just goes away…

Time just goes away and sometimes I feel I can not keep anything … Enough is enough at least 2 weeks since I was here on the blog. I have not time to blog every day, but would always try to still come up with something small as often as possible. Have not had time to shoot anything new either, so sometimes I post something old that I have shown here, but not of consciousness in that case. Phew atleast that autumn is here with her ​​lovely air and you can breathe again … I really love the fall and since I missed last I will try to enjoy even more in years!
This is an old photo that I called “Pearls”
A 6 Pearls..



When I was visiting in Skåne my brother last week, I finally meet the new family member Rex. They have had him for a year, but since I have been sick so there has not been an opportunity to meet him until now. Well lets just say that he was absolutely wonderful! Don´t you belive me?

Rex sign


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